Burk of the Briny
Burk of the briny

Real Name

Jack Burke

First Appearance

Blue Ribbon Comics #1 (Nov. 1939)

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Jack Burke, also called Burke of the Briny, along with his friend Scrappy Wallis mined radioactive quartz in Antarctica for over a year, but the mines were haunted by spectre of a lost miner, Johnson.The two men discuss his disappearance in an earlier expedition before going to sleep.

However, Jack awakes to the smell of smoke. Seeing that Scrappy has disappeared he assumed that his friend had betrayed him in order to get all of the money for himself. He escapes the fire to find Scrappy lying in the snow bleeding from a gunshot wound and sees a figure trying to enter the burning shack. The culprit is none other than Johnson who had shot Scrappy and planned on taking both of their lives to get all of the money from the quartz for himself. Jack and Johnson fight until only Jack remained standing. Jack discovers some papers on Johnson's person and finds out that he was working for a trust and faked his disappearance.

Jack and Scrappy then board a ship headed back to the U.S. to redeem their money and their lives.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Blue Ribbon Comics #1

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