Real Name

"Butch" Buchanan

First Appearance

Crack Comics #21 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

George Brenner


"Butch" Buchanan was a self-imposed teenage assistant of the Clock. A tough street kid who was orphaned early in life, she took care of the Clock after he was injured in a gun fight. When the masked crime-fighter recovered, Butch announced that she wasn't going to let him leave her behind - in fact, she was going to become his "moll." The mortified Clock tried to brush her off, but Butch refused to let the matter drop. When the Clock went off to fight the gangsters, she followed him and tried to help him out. While the Clock wound up bailing her out in the end, she managed to hold her own for much of the confrontation. Realizing that Butch was going to stick around regardless of what he says, Clock decided to make her his assistant. Butch continued to aid the Clock for the remainder of the feature's run. It didn't take long for her to realize that the Clock would never be interested in her, so she resigned herself to being the best assistant she could be.

Butch thanks the Clock.

Powers and Abilities

Butch was a strong fighter who adapted all sorts of objects into weapons. She was also sarcastic and (occasionally) manipulative, which frustrated the Clock quite a bit.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Crack Comics #21-35
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