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Butch Dykeman

Real Name

Butch Dykeman

First Appearance

Popular Teen-Agers #5 (Sept. 1950)

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When Star Publications acquired Novelty Press' assets, Toni Gay became one of the features in School Day Romances - a title that mostly featured high school and college-aged girls. At this point, Toni stopped investigating crimes and focused on her modeling. A new supporting cast developed around her, including a boyfriend in "Butch" Dykeman, a struggling actor. Their stories took on a more humorous tone, though it never reached the Archie-like levels of situational comedy.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Popular Teenagers #5-7


  • Toni Gay and Butch Dykeman became subject to an internet meme after a first page from a Toni Gay story in Popular Teen-Agers #6 was widely circulated among comic book fan blogs, for reasons that should be obvious to any modern reader.

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