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Wham Comics #2 (1940)

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Golden Age Origin

A college football player nicknamed "Flash" was recruited by the mayor of an unnamed city to take on the identity of The Buzzard, Nemesis of the Underworld. The mayor supplied Flash with a number of special devices of his own invention, the first of which was a button that released a special gas that cause whoever was holding it to appear to others as a spindly old man with a beak-like nose. This illusory form would give him the element of surprise, as no one would expect such an odd looking individual to be able to strike with the strength and speed of an athlete in his prime. The Buzzard was also supplied with a flashlight-sized device that projected a disintegrator beam, and a pair of heavy gloves with razor-sharp talons at the fingertips.

Flash's role as the Buzzard was known only to the mayor (who was implied to have fought crime in the guise of the Buzzard sometime previously), and the mayor's niece. Flash dared not tell his father, the Chief of Police, of his double identity, as his father both hated the Buzzard for interfering in police business and actively discouraged Flash from a career in law-enforcement, fearing for his son's safety.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Wham Comics #2
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