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Real Name


First Appearance

BIO47 #2 (1998)

Created by

Miguel Rude and Leandro Silva


Secretly, Guinevere and Lancelot conceived a daughter while at Sorelois. King Arthur was with a false Guinevere at the time and did not know of the child or that the queen he was with an impostor. However, eventually the False Guinevere and her knight Bertholai admitted their fraud. After the fraud's death, the true Guinevere was returned to Arthur, but not her illegitimate daughter: Cabala was taken to the land of Judea by Kabbalists. They also brought the broken blade of Caliburn.

Afterward, Cabala wandered the world facing threats while assuming various identities such as Vanda Emanuelle, Emanuelle Samarkan, and, most recently, Wanessa, a basoon player in a rock band. (Her name can also be spelled Kabbalah, Qabbala, cabbala, cabbalah, kabala, kabalah, or kabbal.) She has worked as a journalist for the Tribuna Diária (Daily Tribune) while using the identity of Vanda Emanuelle and currently resides in Brazil.

Her enemies include her former master Bestial, her cousin Arcano, Absalão, and Caos. She is also a former member of Bio Força (ex-Natal Legion), but now is allied with Joiran, her ghost friend, and some golems as Arika and Haiti.

Powers and Abilities

Her powers include super strength and speed. Cabala possess knowledge of arcane spells and understanding of the Jewish cabal. She is also a skilled martial artist and military tactician. She can also levitate and can teleport short distances.


  • Cabala was open-sourced in 2009 and, thus, every aspect of the character prior to then can be used by anyone, so long as the creators are cited.

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