Cairo Jones

Real Name

Cairo Jones

First Appearance

Miss Cairo Jones #1 (1945)

Original Publisher

Croydon Publishing Co.

Created by

Jerry Albert and Bob Oksner


Shortly before World War II, at age 19, Cairo Jones left her home in St. Louis, Missouri to travel to Europe with the intention of writing a novel there. She soon fell in love with a wealthy German banker named Saber Von Tigron. He convinced her that he was using his fortune to fight the Nazi uprising, but in truth, he was funding the Nazis. After the war, her husband was hunted as a Nazi war criminal, and he disappeared. Cairo attempted to track him down with the help of rugged investigative newspaper reporter, Steve Racy. She hoped to clear his name, but when she learned the truth about him, she decided to bring him in herself. When she cornered him, he hung himself.

Cairo was a bold and confident woman who could handle herself well in a fight. She was cunning and innovative when unnarmed, but she was even more dangerous handling a gun. At the beginning of her career, she had access to Saber's vast fortune, but it is unclear if she managed to keep it (or wanted to).

Golden Age Appearances

  • Miss Cairo Jones comic strip (July 1945-April 1947)
  • Miss Cairo Jones #1

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