Cal Evans

Real Name

Cal Evans

First Appearance

Weird Tales of the Future (March 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ed Smalle


"In the year 2042, the world no longer knew war and lived wisely and happily in a new golden era!" "World scientist" Doctor Dino Lavelle is experimenting successfully to restore dead bodies to life. He is assisted in the process by Cal Evans and Mara. Wishing to attempt it on a body that has been dead as long as possible, Dino Lavelle sends Cal to retrieve the body of "Crazy" Ed Curren, a ruthless gangster from the 1920s era who was preserved hermetically by his gang. Curren's machine gun was laid to rest with his in his coffin.

Doctor Lavelle successfully returns life to Curren to life. Curren is pleased to learn the brave, new world has no crime and therefore no law enforcement. "Crazy" Curren ties up Doctor Lavelle and Mara, using them as hostages. He decides he wants Cal to get the bodies of his old gang and attempt to revive them. Concerned for the safety of Dino and Mara, Cal manages to retrieve a few of the corpses from Curren's gang.

Curren's gang is restored, and begins a reign of terror. Cullen and his gang rise to take control of the world. Cal manages to incite "Crazy" Ed Cullen's men against him, and the gangsters kill each other in a gun battle. Four others of Cullen's gang died in a "magno plane" crash, caused when the pilot bailed out and left them to their fates.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Weird Tales of the Future #1

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