Camaleão Cinzento (Grey Chameleon)
Camaleao cinzento

Real Name

Mario Vianna

First Appearance


Created by

Cadu Simões & Ricardo Marcelino


While working on the Tietê river dredging, environmental engineer Mario Vianna had an accident due to a severe storm at the site making him fall into the fetid and polluted waters. He was taken by the current and disappeared.

Days later, he woke up in a gallery of the sewers, saved by a stranger calling himself Master Grasshopper. He also realized that he could no longer see. The Master then explained that he suffered mutations due the toxins polluting the Tietê River, giving him a power to change color like chameleons but unfortunately also leaving him blind.

After his recovering, Mario did not know what to do because he had no clue how to go home, and probably everyone he knew would think he was dead. He then, with no alternative, went to live with Master Grasshopper in the sewers.

The Master taught him how to use his chameleonic powers, which Mario regarded as not of great value, since as he was blind, he could not get past the gray tones. He then went on to learn a secret ninja art and when his training was complete, Mario had not only become a great fighter, but also could sense the environment around feeling the space around him, acting ando moving freely as if he had not been impaired.

Mario, with his new skill and the identity of Camaleão Cinzento (Grey Chameleon), acted as a vigilante crime fighter.


The license used to release the Homem-Grilo comic book series into the public domain states that all aspects of his comic series (including the supporting cast) can be used by others to create derivative works for commercial gain but, you must give creator credit.

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