Real Name

Camilla Khan

First Appearance

Jungle Comics #2 (1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

C. A. Winter

Golden Age Origin

Camilla was the leader of an advanced lost empire located along the ivory coast of Africa. It was founded by her ancestor Radekis Khan, he himself a descendant of Genghis Khan, over 500 years ago. The kingdom was rich in raw materials such as the rare metal Flexodium, a isotope of Radium unknown to the outside world. They would make money by stealing ivory from caravans. Her guards are dressed in armor and armed with swords and radio guns making them almost resemble robots.

Her men captured an explorer named John Stanley whom she welcomed as her guest and invited him to dine with her in her private salon. Jon asked Camilla about her kingdom and she explained that her kingdom could destroy modern civilization whenever they wish. She invites John to be a general or even her king. He refused and in rage she told her guards to throw him in the dungeon.

John escaped, however, so Camilla has her guards put him into a Flexodium torpedo, but John escapes again and sabotages the controls. Camilla attempts to throw a dagger at him to stop him. The dagger missed, but the vibrations caused by the machines destroy the city. Luckily John grabbed Camilla and the two escaped, but she reprimands him for saving her. She then walked away from John and back into the burning city of her birth.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Jungle Comics #2


  • This Camilla is a completely different version than the Camilla that appears in other issues of Jungle Comics.
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