"Candy" Kane
Star-Spangled Banner111

Real Name

"Candy" Kane

First Appearance

C-M-O Comics #1 (1942)

Original Publisher


Created by



Ray Branner was "Star-Spangles" Branner, a teenager who wanted to join the army and fight the Axis but was too young too enlist (by a year, which would make him 17). He and his younger friends "Dixie" and "Candy" Kane decided to fight the Axis on the home front by going after enemy agents. They earned money by working as messengers for the local Civilian Defense Corps

Ray, Dixie and Candy had no powers, but they were good with their fists.

Public Domain Appearances

  • C-M-O Comics #1-2


C-M-O Comics were commissioned by Chicago Mail Order Company. The characters wore clothes and used various products that could be ordered from the company catalogue. Many pages contained ads that mentioned each item by name and cited the catalog pages where each of those items could be ordered. This meant that contemporary readers could, for example, buy the clothes Candy wore.

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