Candy O'Connor

Real Name

Candace O'Connor

First Appearance

Police Comics #37 (December 1944)

Original Publisher

Quality Comics

Created by

Harry Sahle


Candace "Candy" O'Connor was an American teenage girl who lived in the small town of Hartwick. She was outgoing, self-confident, and obsessed with following the latest trends. She didn't mind sneaking around and going behind her parents' back, but she usually meant well.

Candy's supporting cast included her boyfriend, Ted Dawson, her friends, Tina and Trish, and her obligatory rival, Cornelia Clyde.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Police Comics #37-102
  • Candy #1-64
  • Gabby #3, 5-9
  • Jonesy #3-7


There are two real-life towns of Hartwick, but only Hartwick, New York has enough of the population base to pass for Hartwick depicted in Candy's stories.

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