Canisa Walker

Real Name

Canisa Walker

First Appearance

Forbidden Worlds #1 (July-Aug. 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Emil Gershwin


Studying India's landscape, Dr. Walker runs across a feral child being raised by wolves. The locals tell him to leave her alone, as she is marked. Dr. Walker passes off the warning as local superstition. He takes the girl home with him to adopt as his daughter, naming her Canisa.

Larry Davis, a reporter from the Daily Herald newspaper looking into wolf sightings, pays Dr. Walker a visit. He encounters Canisa Walker, now a beautiful lady. They speak of wolves, which Canisa is quite fond of, though cannot recall her upbringing by them a decade earlier.

As Larry continues investigating, Ondok and his group of werewolves kill Dr. Walker so that Ondok might regain Canisa, who bears his mark. The mark means she is bound to marry the werewolf. Larry dresses in a werewolf costume and takes Canisa to Ondok when he shows up to claim his bride. Larry suggests an underground place of safety to perform the wedding.

Ondok agrees, and he and his werewolf clan follows Larry unknowingly into an area beneath the wolf den at the zoo. Larry battles with Ondok and the werewolves before managing to release the wolves. The wolves despise werewolves, and make short work of Ondok and his clan. Larry arranged for the safe re-capture of the wolves. Canisa and Larry plan to get married, taking great care of her father's library.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Forbidden Worlds #1

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