Captain Courageous
Captain Courageous

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Banner Comics #3 (September 1941)

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Ace Periodicals

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Captain Courageous is a supernatural being, a "Spirit of Courage" that appeared when brave men and women ask for courage. During World War II, Captain Courageous responded to Americans' pleas and appeared to help the Allies. He had super strength, flight, limited invulnerability, and could survive unaided underwater. He fought enemies such as Captain Nippo, the Shinto Samurai, and the Black Mayor .

Cap Courageous - Civi V1 (FF07)

Captain Courageous sans mask (Four Favorites #7)

In Four Favorites 21, weeks before the Japanese surrender, Captain Courageous came to the aid of Task Force X. Commanded by Admiral Kermitz, this US Navy taskforce was ordered to attack Tokyo Bay and destroy the remnants of the Japanese fleet (this was partially based on a real-life event). The fleet was attacked by a Kamikaze squadron led by Captain Nippo. The Captain was able to save the main ship from sinking and personally rescued Admiral Kermitz and his son (who served as a lieutenant alongside his father). The grateful Admiral invited Captain Courageous to serve under his command. The Spirit of Courage agreed, trading his costume for a navy uniform and assuming the rank of captain. For unexplained reason, he stopped using his powers from that point on, getting by with mundane strength, agility and skills.

Captain Courageous spent the rest of his career helping American troops secure the occupied Japan and root out the resisting Japanese operatives.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Banner Comics #3-5
  • Captain Courageous Comics #6
  • Four Favorites #5-28


  • Admiral Kermitz's name is also an obvious inspiration/copy of the real-life Admiral Nimitz.

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