Public Domain Super Heroes
Captain Cutlass
Captain Cutlass.jpg
Seven Seas Comics #2

Real Name

Rodney Yorke

First Appearance

Seven Seas Comics #1 (1946)

Original Publisher

Leader Enterprises / Universal Phoenix Features

Created by

Matt Baker


During the Revolutionary period, Rodney Yorke, son of Sir Henry Yorke, was declared an enemy of the King of England. He decides to gather a crew and sail the seven seas on his ship the "Smiling Lass" to escape the red coats who are hunting him down. He manages to get a first mate and convinces Blind Meg, a local tavern owner, to sign men up for his crew. While in the tavern he catches the eye of a young serving wench who disguises herself as a man to join Rodney's crew. However, British troops over take their ship. Rodney grabs the only weapon the crew has handy, a cutlass, and takes the ship back from the red coats. He earns the nickname Captain Cutlass for his brave actions.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Seven Seas Comics #1-6