Captain Cypol

Real Name


First Appearance

Space Adventures #2 (Sept. 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Frank Frollo and John Belfi


Zoq, Calliph of Callisto, finds a means of taking advantage of a trip through the asteroid belt for unmanned cargo vessels bearing methane shipments from Jupiter. He creates explosions to make it seem the ship has been destroyed by running afoul of an asteroid. The explosive devices he uses for the effect use "methazone". He hijacks the ship for sale on the black market.

Commodore Rex Clive and Adjutant Speed Lansing of the Space Rangers go to investigate, getting trapped by Zoq, who floods the room with "methazone" and renders them unconscious. After Zoq clears the gas from the chamber, Captain Cypol, a space smuggler, discovers the pair.

Once Rex and Speed recover, Zoq introduces himself as the "Calliph of Callisto", introducing his daughter Kara Zoq who stands beside him. He further explains his intentions to use the methane fuel to attack the Earth and other planets. Zoq intends to let Captain Cypol throw Rex and Speed out into space.

Given the run of the place, Rex and Speed take Kara prisoner, stashing her into an empty methane barrel after the gas renders her unconscious.

Captain Cypol's ship is loaded, with Rex and Speed forced to board it, watching Kara's barrel loaded with the others. Once aboard, Cypol tries to make a deal with Rex. Rex tells him to wait for an answer until Speed is involved. Cypol helps smuggle the Space Rangers aboard in methane barrels. Zoq's guards arrest Cypol for dealing with the prisoners. Rex and Speed tip the barrel with Kara in it and use her as a shield.

Speed regains his scoutcraft and alerts the Space Rangers. Cypol takes off in his ship with Rex and Kara are aboard, intending to kill Rex and Kara. The Rangers gain entry into Cypol's craft, and quickly overpower the captain. Soon, Zoq found himself in the clutches of the Space Rangers.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #2
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