Captain Dash
Captain dash

Real Name

Captain Dash

First Appearance

Captain Flight #10 (1945)

Original Publisher

Four Star

Created by

Alex Blum and Frank Stearns

Golden Age Origin

Captain Dash was heroic pilot/agent in the Middle East operating out of Kabul assisted by his handy boy Hadu. Dash was given the mission to locate Prince Bara who was working undercover looking for Abdulla, a fanatical rebel leader. While he lost his plane during the mission, Captain Dash located the prince and together they put an end to Abdulla's reign of terror. The government agreed to replace Captain Dash's plane as thanks for successfully finding the prince.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain Flight #10


  • Captain Dash was a re-lettered Captain Flight story. In fact, the last page was not re-lettered and refers to the character as Captain Flight by mistake.

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