Captain Fight
Captain fight.jpg and smiler (2).jpg

Real Name

Jeff Crocket

First Appearance

Fight Comics #16 (1941)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Clark Ritchie & Rudy Palais


Jeff Crocket was an ace athlete and championship boxer and acrobat who worked as the Freeville High School athletic coach. He wore a patriotic costume and fought against the Nazis as Captain Fight. He was aided by his teen sidekick, Yank Adams, who instantly recognized his teacher as Captain Fight regardless of the hero's mask. In his last appearance, he appeared to be dating Yank's sister Beth who was an outspoken woman and loved sports.

His enemies included the Smiler, Blitz, and Hooch.

Powers and Abilities

He had no powers but was very agile and a fearless daredevil.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fight Comics #16-19

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