Public Domain Super Heroes
Captain Flag

Real Name

Thomas Townsend

First Appearance

Blue Ribbon Comics #16 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Blair and Lin Streeter


Tom Townsend was a wealthy playboy and the son of an inventor. Tom and his father are kidnapped by the villain The Black Hand. The villain wants the secrets of Mr. Townsend's invention. Tom's father refused to disclose the information and was killed. Tom is saved from the same fate thanks to an eagle who crashes through the window and carries him away.

Tom trains with the eagle and after becoming strong, creates a costume out of a US flag brought to him by the bird. He names the eagle Yank and adopts the moniker Captain Flag for himself. The duo then set out to capture and thwart the Black Hand which they eventually do in issue #22.

Captain Flag also was helped by FBI agents, Veronica Darnell and, later, Linda Reed.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Blue Ribbon Comics #16-22


  • In Mighty Crusaders #5, Captain Flag formed a team with the Web and the Fox called the Ultra-Men.

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