Captain Flight
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Real Name

Captain Flight

First Appearance

Captain Flight Comics #1 (March 1944)

Original Publisher

Four Star Publications

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Captain Flight was a heroic freelance adventurer and American pilot who fought the Axis during WWII. In his first adventure, he had an African-American sidekick named Tom, who was drawn and written in a more realistic manner. In addition, his love interest until issue #2 was Lilly Duval, a reformed foreign spy.

Later, the Captain becomes a member of the Doom Squad, a group of aviators who pilot planes with cutting-edge technology. The team has been run by wealthy plane manufacturer Chief Davis and WWI pilot Jerry McGuire since 1939. The Captain's membership in Doom Squad was supported by Jerry who had flown with Flight's father, Major Flight, in the Great War.

Captain Flight's fellow pilots in Doom Squad are also former WWI aces like McGuire. They are Dale, Parker, and Akely respectively. Elsie, the Chief's daughter and unofficial member, rounds out the team's roster. She replaces Lilly as Flight's love interest.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Flight Comics #1-11


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