Captain Heroic

Real Name

Percy Appleby

First Appearance

Prize Comics #46 (October, 1944)

Original Publisher

Prize Comics

Created by


Golden Age Origin

Captain Heroic was the star of Johnny Hogan's favorite comic book, Yipe Comics. When the character appeared to Hogan in person, he and two of his teenage buddies were eager to help Captain Heroic. The hero showed them his training techniques, and gave them Captain Heroic costumes, on the condition that they help him in his mission to battle injustice. However, the man claiming to be Captain Heroic was actually a thief and con-artist, who got the boys to help him in robberies, claiming that security guards and others were actually fifth columnists plotting against the United States. Eventually, the ruse was uncovered when Hogan's friend, Boom Boom Brannigan got involved, and brought the criminal to justice.

The man claiming to be Captain Heroic was an extraordinary athlete, an exceptional gymnast and a skilled fighter. To keep up appearances, he usually did not use any weapons, but he did resort to using a grenade booby trap against Brannigan. He did build a rocket pack into his Captain Heroic suit, which allowed him to fly, just like the Captain Heroic in Yipe Comics. The Yipe Comics version of Captain Heroic is clearly a parody of Captain Marvel.

Golden Age Appearances

Prize Comics #46

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