Public Domain Super Heroes
Captain Kidd

Real Name

William Kidd


c. 1645


May 23, 1701

Historical Background[]

Captain Kidd is a notorious pirate, originally from Scotland, who commanded a ship called the Adventure Galley. Although he became notorious after he was hung for his crimes, Kidd was not necessarily the most destructive or successful pirate in history, and seems to have turned to piracy only out of desperation. He was however, a murderer, and witnesses claim he was a brutal man. According to legend, he left behind a massive store of hidden treasure somewhere.

Public Domain Appearances[]

Public Domain Literary Appearaces[]

  • The Gold Bug (1843): Mentioned in passing.

Public Domain Film Appearances[]

  • The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg (1936): As an anthropomorphic dog whom Felix the Cat confronts.
  • Captain Kidd (1945)

Public Domain Comic Book Appearances[]

  • Captain Kidd #24-25
  • Feature Funnies #6-7
  • Young Heroes #36
  • Silver Streak Comics #19 (as Captain Kydd)
  • Jumbo Comics #80: Kidd Battles "The Hawk."
  • Boy Comics #27: Kidd encounters the time traveling Yankee Longago.
  • Hit Comics #41: Kidd and 19 members of his crew escape from eternity after their deaths. They battle the US Navy in the 20th Century, but are defeated by Kid Eternity, John Paul Jones, Sir Francis Drake and D'Artagnan of the Three Musketeers. He returns to Eternity.
  • Blue Bolt vol. 1 #8: Kidd's ghost and the crew of his ghost ship commit piracy in the 20th century. He is stopped when Sergeant Spook rounds up the ghosts of John Paul Jones, Sir Frances Drake and other famous sailors to battle him.
  • Blue Bolt vol. 9 #3: Kidd's ghost helps Sergeant Spook battle 20th century pirates.
  • Uncle Sam Quarterly #7: A modern pirate claiming to be the reincarnation of Captain Kidd battles Uncle Sam and Buddy.
  • Funny Animals #86: An animal version of Captain Kidd encounters Hoppy The Marvel Bunny.

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