Public Domain Super Heroes
Captain Marvel

Real Name

Roger Winkle

First Appearance

Captain Marvel #1 (1966)

Original Publisher

M. F. Enterprises, Inc.

Created by

Carl Burgos, Roger Elwood, & Leon Francho


This version was a robot who was the hope for mankind. Captain Marvel had a 10-year-old sidekick named Billy Baxton and a love interest named Linda Knowles.

As a civilian, he masqueraded as Roger Winkle, whose occupation varied from journalist to college professor.

Powers and Abilities

Shouting the word "Split" would allow his body to separate down to fingers from hand. Individual parts could fly off independently, doing whatever he willed of them. By shouting, "Xam," he would be reassembled. He also had a pair of astro boots that would allow him to fly into space. His power had to be renewed daily by rubbing the emblem on his chest.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Marvel #1-4
  • Captain Marvel Presents The Terrible Five #1, 5


  • The copyright notice of the first issue was not in the proper location of the book (it was not until the fifth page) which, under copyright law at the time, had to be "either upon the title page or upon the first page of text of each separate number or under the title heading." According to US copyright law, all works published between 1923-1977 not complying with this became public domain upon release.

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