Captain Mors, The Air Pirate

Real Name

Captain Mors

First Appearance

Der Luftpirat und sein Lenkbares Luftschiff (The Pirate of the Air and his Navigable Airship, 1908)

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Captain Mors was a former submarine captain who became disillussioned with society and became a masked air pirate. He essentially steals from the rich and corrupt and gives to the poor, defending the weak along the way. He is, however, quite violent and vengeful. He hung from his airship, three Russians who he blamed for the death of his family and forged papers that ruined his reputation. He generally wore a domino mask, a dark blue uniform with gold trim, and he had a moustache and beard.

Captain Mors was a brilliant engineer and designed the two ships that he commanded. He had a large and fast dirgible craft and an interplanetary ship called the Meteor, which he used to travel the solar system. Both ships are armored and are designed to ram other vehicles. He operated from a secret base on an island.

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