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Captain Nippon
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Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Marvel Jr. #2 (December 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Otto Binder and Al Carreno

Captain Nippon's original look from Captain Marvel Jr. #2.


Captain Nippon was a monstrous man created under orders of Emperor Hirohito and the Black Dragon Society to be the champion of Japan by dark sorcery of the Jamambux, a secret society of medievalists, who compounded brute power, hate, terror, murder, lust, and anger into him during his creation. Captain Nippon was not only given not only brute strength though but also the intellect of a master spy. Hirohito said that Captain Nippon would be to him as Captain Nazi was to Adolf Hitler.

After being properly introduced by the emperor, Captain Nazi and Captain Nippon go to America to kill as many American military officers as possible. Their killing spree gained the attention of Freddy Freeman, also known as Captain Marvel Jr. After an initial confrontation where he was knocked out by Captain Nippon's spiked club, he followed their submarine to their island hideout. The two Captains tried everything from an iron maiden to the severed head of Medusa to stop Captain Marvel Jr., but it only managed to slow him down. Cutting their losses the villains made their escape using their sub while Captain Marvel Jr. saved the captured Americans and defeated their goons after escaping the iron maiden.

In his second appearance, the Captain had a new costume and worked solo to sabotage America's industries by using his powerful teeth to chew through steel rails, girders, and armor. Captain Marvel Jr. ends his reign of toothy terror by setting up a trap filled with super chewy taffy that would incapacitate the villain's jaws. The military then take Captain Nippon away, but Captain Marvel Jr. wondered how they could contain the villain for long without filling his cell with taffy.

Eventually, Captain Nippon escaped and tried to mount an invasion of America disguising his invasion force as an island. Captain Marvel Jr. discovered their plan and destroyed the island using a torpedo. Captain Nippon attempted to escape using a speed boat, but Captain Marvel Jr. knocked him out of the boat and plunging like a stone into the ocean saying that it would be a miracle if the villain returned.

In his final appearance, now as General Nippon, he teams-up with Captain Nazi in an attempt to sabotague the U.S.' Colossus Dam, supposedly the biggest dam in the world.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Marvel Jr. #2-4, 19


  • As General Nippon, his costume is no longer colored to match Captain Nazi, having purple instead of green.

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