Public Domain Super Heroes
Captain Science
Captain science 004.jpg

Real Name

Gordon Dane

First Appearance

Captain Science #1 (Nov. 1950)

Original Publisher

Youthful Magazines

Created by

Wally Wood, Gustav Schrotter, and Walter Johnson


Captain Science, aka Gordon Dane, was a sci-fi hero in the vein of Buck Rogers who fought all manner of outer space villains including flying saucers, monster gods, alien spawn, and even domestic traitors.

He has the help of his young assistant Rip Gary and Luana. His enemies also included the Cat Men of Phobos, the Space Pirates of Lenthus IV, the Deadly Dwarfs of Deimos, the Martian Slavers, and the Insidious Doctor Khartoum.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Captain Science #1-7

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