Public Domain Super Heroes
Captain Tornado

Real Name


First Appearance

Popular Comics #46 (December 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Newt Alfred?


Captain Tornado appeared to be a sea captain who led Professor Bordani and his 18 year old daughter, Jane, on a trip into space, aboard Professor Bordani's experimental spacecraft. They initially set out for Jupiter, but due to a miscalculation, end up on another strange, jungle covered planet inhabited by giant insects, the elfish yellow-skinned Barrangee, the pale four-armed and blue haired Etherians and the red skinned Rodongees. The three Earthlings found themselves caught up in the struggles between the races, generally favoring the peaceful Barrangee.

Powers and Abilities

Captain Tornado was a good fighter and carried conventional Earth weapons and equipment including a knife, revolver and hunting rifle.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Popular Comics #46-56