Captain Video and his Video Rangers
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Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Video & his Video Rangers(TV Series, 1949)

Original Publisher

DuMont Television Network,

Created by

James L. Caddigan & Richard Coogan


Captain Video was the commander of the Video Rangers, an organization that upholds peace and justice, sometimes through open diplomacy and sometimes through more covert operations. Captain Video is an brilliant inventor, a daring pilot and a respected diplomat. He is also skilled in the art of boxing, and believes that the sport can build character. He is a foe of biggotry and oppression. He is willing to risk nearly certain death for the greater good, and at least some of his men respect him enough to die for him (at least one described him as "one of the most important figures of this century"). He operates from a secret base, located on a barren mountain top somewhere on Earth. He piloted a number of rocket ships, including the X-9, X-10 and the Galaxy. On earth, he piloted the hypersonic Whirlojet.

Captain Video's greatest enemy was the mad scientist, Dr. Pauli, though he faced numerous threats to the peace of the solar system. The time frame for his adventures is ambiguous, but there are towns that can only be reached by horse on earth, while there are people living on space stations orbiting Pluto (one site lists the year as 2254).

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Captain Video #1-6

Public Domain Television Series

  • Captain Video and His Video Rangers (1949)

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