Cat Man
Cat man.jpg

Real Name

Baron Stone

First Appearance

Amazing Man #5 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Tarpe Mills


Barton Stone took the rap for a crime he didn't commit and went to prison for twenty years. When he was freed, Baron confronted Steve "Chuck" Harrigan, now a political boss; Roger Watson "Slick" Hammond, stockbroker; and Lionel "Blackie" Black, real estate agent. He blamed them for his wife dying as he was in prison and told them that he would kill them one by one.

To get his revenge, Baron Stone dressed up as an old lady and met them one by one. After his cat scratched them with its poisoned claws, he would send a note predicting the hour of their death; with each death looking like a heart attack.

He later killed some gangsters the same way.

Powers and Abilities

While in prison, Stone became a chemist, especially with both poisons and explosives. He also wore a bullet-proof vest, including when in disguise.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Amazing Man #5, 8

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