Chen Chang
Chen Chang

Real Name

Chen Chang

First Appearance

Mystery Men Comics #1 (Aug. 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Munson Paddock


Chen Chang was a "highly cultured and wealthy," not to mention brilliant, Chinese warlord. Angered by the Western powers' exploitation of his homeland, he plotted to bring misery and ruin to any Westerner he happens to come across and "to bring disaster upon the white race." He was occasionally aided by River Lily, a murderous Chinese pirate queen. He was opposed by Richard Kendall, an American who managed to succeed through luck rather than any particular skill.

In later issues, Chen Chang demonstrated an ability to recover from injuries that would have, by all rights, killed any ordinary human being. The comics never elaborated on how he managed to accomplish that.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Green Mask #5-6
  • Mystery Men Comics #1-24
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