The Chessman
Karno chessman

Real Name


First Appearance

Wonderworld Comics #9 (May 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bob Powell (as Arthur Dean)


Karno the Chessman is an insane criminal mastermind who shrinks people to use as chessboard pieces. His kidnapping of heiress Irene Jonson brought him in conflict with Dr Fung. While Fung is successful in the rescue of Jonson, Karno escaped to again meet Dr. Fung.

Karno was aided by the Moths, who wore completely bulletproof suits with wing-like flight devices and were armed with rayguns, all his invention. He was a highly intelligent mastermind who owned a cavernous underground lair. However, he was never seen out of his wheelchair, raising the possibility he might have had, at the very least, difficulty walking (or an elevator, which were not unheard of in 1940).

Public Domain Appearances

  • Wonderworld Comics #9-10 

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