Chick Watson

Real Name

Chick Watson

First Appearance

Argosy All‐Story Weekly (14 May 1921)

Original Publisher

Frank Munsey

Created by

Austin Hall, Homer Eon Flint


Young, athletic Chick Watson is engaged to Bertha Holcomb, the daughter of Doctor Holcomb. Investigating the Doctor's disappearance after a meeting with Rhamda Avec.

In seeking the missing doctor at Bertha's behest, Chick acquires a ring containing a stone with unusual properties. One of the properties ages a male to an advance age, whereas it will not do the same for a woman. When Chick shows up, he is greatly aged by the ring.

Chick finds the group also searching for Doctor Holcolm. He explains some of the properties the ring displays, showing them the image of Doctor Holcomb and one of the investigator's dog, Queen. The pair had both earlier disappeared into the Blind Spot. Chick asks Harry Wendel to take the ring.

Later, in a battle with Rhamda Avec after the Blind Spot is opened, Chick Watson is transported to Tomahlia, and returned to youth. Chick meets one Rhamda Geos. Chick as seen as a fulfillment of a prophecy regarding the revelation of the occult as a reality. This sets Chick unintentionally at odds with Bar Senestro, who desires to become the Chosen One. He is expected to fight Senestro to the death, and the battle turns against Chick. Queen the dog attacks Senestro, and Chick is saved to ultimately fulfill the prophecy.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Argosy All‐Story Weekly, (May-June 1921)
  • Fantastic Novels vol. 1 #1 (July 1940)
  • The Blind Spot (1951)
  • The Blind Spot (1964)
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