Real Name

Cindy Ashmore

First Appearance

Public Domain Superheroes (2016)

Original Publisher

Public Domain Superheroes Wikia

Created by

Marz Workman


When Cindy was an infant, in the early 1920s, her mother had a confrontation with a gypsy. The gypsy cursed Cindy, speaking to her mother, "Your child will burn on her eighteenth birthday, and burn for the rest of her life!" The gypsy then placed an ash mark on Cindy's arm. Her mother quickly drew her away and left the scene.

On her eighteenth birthday, Cindy burst into flames. Her mother knew the curse had come true. Cindy fell to the ground, screaming, then as quickly as they appeared, the flames vanished. Cindy lay on the ground, unharmed. Her mother fell to her knees and held her daughter. When Cindy looked up, her mother saw that her eyes were now yellow.

Over the next few months, Cindy discovered she had fire-related powers and began to learn to control them. She then began fighting crime.

She fights crime to this day.

Powers and Abilities

Create and project flame, immune to heat and fire, heat healing-her metabolism is increased by heat, therefore increasing her ability to heal and decreasing her aging process, can burn so hot she turns luminescent white.


Public Domain Superheroes (2016)


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