Clara Bell

Real Name

Clara Bell

First Appearance

Spotlight Comics #1 (1944)

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The carnival comes to town. Lee Rover and Clara Bell are an aerobatic acrobat performance on the trapeze. Clara's father, Mr. Bell, is the owner of the carnival. He discusses the trapeze act with Mr. Neeley, the show's cashier. After the discussion, Mr. Bell admonishes Harley, the Clown for angering the gorilla for the crowd.

Later that night, Lee and Clara go into Mr. Bell's home to interrupt the Mysterious Figure finishing his murder of Mr. Bell. Lee tackles him, but the murderer uses Jiu Jitsu to trip Lee and escape.

The Mysterious Figure goes to the carnival, placing an acid on the hinges to the gorilla's cage. The acid will eat through in 12 hours. While the trapeze act is in full swing, the cage breaks and the gorilla escapes.

Harvey, the Clown has to run from the angry gorilla, Lee and Clara save him by picking him up with their trapezes. The Mysterious Figure then cuts Clara's trapeze. Clara is caught by the safety net. He curses at himself because he forgot the net and didn't succeed in killing her.

Lee Rover chases The Mysterious Figure down and unmasks him in front of Clara. They instantly recognize Mr. Neeley as the killer. Neeley confesses he'd hoped Clara would fall and the gorilla would kill her.

Harvey, the Clown thinks better of angering the gorilla in the future.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Spotlight Comics #1
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