Clay Duncan
Boys ranch -6

Real Name

Clay Duncan

First Appearance

Boys' Ranch #1(1950)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Golden Age Origin

Clay Duncan lost his parents to bandits and was adopted by Apache Indian Running Bear and raised alongside his son, Geronimo. When he reached adulthood, he left the tribe and was trained as a scout by Miles Freeman. He worked at a variety of jobs such as army scout, mail delivery driver, and US Marshal. Clay's horse was named Ghost.

Duncan later became the foreman of Boys' Ranch and served as a role model for the boys who lived on the ranch. He met Angel, Wabash, and Dandy when they came to the ranch's defense. Female ranch resident Palomino Sue had a crush on Clay who refused to allow her to participate in fighting though she never listened.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Boys' Ranch #1-6

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