Colonel Steigev

Real Name

Colonel Steigev

First Appearance

Space Western #44 (1953)

Original Publisher

Charlton Comics, Inc.

Created by

Walter Gibson


Colonel Steigev lands his flying saucer, an unimpressive craft that manages 650 mph maximum designed on Earth. Steigev intends to use the craft to start an alien invasion panic amongst the populace.

Investigating the ruckus Steigev's craft makes by landing on the McLeod farm, Pop McLeod investigates. He is shot by one of Steigev's comrades. Jane McLeod sees from inside the ranch house, and drives off to get help from the nearest ranch, which happens to be the Bar-Z owned by Spurs Jackson. Spurs takes his plane to investigate, eventually capturing Steigev and his comrades.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Western #44

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