Comics McCormick
Comics mccormick

Real Name

Comics McCormick

First Appearance

Terrific Comics #2 (March 1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ed Wheelan

Golden Age Origin

"Comics" McCormick was "The World's #1 Comic Book Fan." He lived with his mother Mary McCormick, a factory worker, and his older sister Connie McCormick, a secretary. His friends included his girlfriend Rosalie Brown and also fellow comics fans Wilbur Wiggins and Ajax Johnson who, along with Comics, were all members of the Little Conqueror's Athletic and Reading Club. Other members of his supporting cast included Officer Kelly, a friendly neighborhood cop, and Miss Susan Slate, Comics' patient school teacher.

Comics had a vivid imagination and would dream about going on adventures with his favorite comic book heroes and doing battle with super villains. Some of the heroes who teamed up with Comics included Voltage, Inspector Cosmic, Captain Catapult, and Marvel Maid. Examples of some of the villains he faced include the Super-Robot, the Octopus, the Space Pirates, and Dr. Hunchback. In addition, Comics mentioned reading about heroes such as Super-Dame, Lady Wonder, the Pink Pidgeon, and the Crimson Canary, though he never teamed-up with them. 

Often during these dreams Comics would gain superpowers himself, use gadgets, or put on a costume. Even when he did not have powers, Comics usually carried a gun, sometimes a standard one other times a ray gun, during his dreams.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Fat and Slat #1-4
  • The Land of the Lost Comics #6
  • Terrific Comics #2-6
  • Cat-Man Comics #28

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