Public Domain Super Heroes
Commando Yank

Real Name

Chase Yale

First Appearance

Wow Comics #6 (1942)

Original Publisher

Fawcett Publications

Created by

Clem Weisbecker


Chase Yale was a war correspondent in both Europe and the South Pacific during WWII who joined Naval Intelligence. He later put on the costume of Commando Yank and began fighting the enemies of freedom both as a costumed hero and in his civilian identity as a reporter.

Powers and Abilities

He had no powers but used guns, knives, and various fighting forms to combat Axis forces such as the Black Dragon Society.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Wow Comics #6-35
  • America's Greatest Comics #4-7


  • In WOW #33, he had a crossover adventure with Phantom Eagle. While they often shared the cover, this was their only meeting.


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