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The Congo King
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Real Name


First Appearance

Jo-Jo, Congo King #7 (July 1947)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by



Jo-Jo the Congo King was a Tarzan imitator who, like the "King of Apes," would swing on vines, spoke broken English, and wore a leopard-skin loincloth.

He had many love interests: Gwenna, Geesha, Yolda, Safra, Tanee, and Mioa (who were all extremely similar).

His enemies included the Water Warriors and the Birdmen and his sidekick was Kuta.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Jo-Jo, Congo King #7-29
  • All Top Comics #8-18
  • Blue Bolt Weird Tales of Terror #117, 119
  • Ghostly Weird Stories #120-121, 123
  • Jungle Thrills #16
  • Spook #29
  • Startling Terror Tales #13
  • Jungle Adventure #10, 17
  • Terrors of the Jungle #4, 8
  • Terrifying Tales #12
  • Jungle Jo #nn


  • Many sites claim that Green's Congo King was a re-colored, re-printed, and re-named version of Jo-Jo however, Green's version debuted the year prior.
  • After Fox Features became Hero Books, Jo-Jo was also quickly (but not immediately) re-named as "Jungle Jo."
    • After Fox shut down, the character(s) was/were also re-named in re-print stories by Star Comics (as "Bombo") and Ajax-Farrell (as "Kaza").

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