Public Domain Super Heroes
Congo Raider

Real Name


First Appearance

Lucky 7 Comics #1 (1944)

Original Publisher

Larch Publications

Created by



The Congo Raider was a jungle hero who protected "civilized" men and women from the dangers of the jungle. In his only adventure, Congo Raider saved a young female missionary from a group of natives whose leader was evil. The missionary decided to stay and educate the tribe, but the Raider says he must move on because he must protect others from the jungle's dangers.

Powers and Abilities

He had "keen, superhuman" senses.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Lucky 7 Comics #1


  • Many sites claim this character is a re-colored version of Red Panther taken from the story in Jungle Comics #2 however, although the basic plot element of both characters' debuts are very similar... There is nothing to indicate that one is a re-print of the other (the art is different, there are no identical panels, etc.).

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