Cosmo Cat
Cosmo Cat.jpg

Real Name

Cosmo Cat (spelled "Catt" in first appearance)

First Appearance

Ribtickler (1945)

Original Publisher

Fox Features

Created by

Pat Adams


Cosmo Cat worked as a technician at a munitions plant, when he accidentally set off a bomb, U-235 and gained superpowers. Cosmo Cat resided in his moon lab spotting evils on Earth using his tele-finder and then headed to Earth in his cat-rocket. He was assisted by his sometimes sidekick, Dunky Duck.

During one of his adventures, Cosmo Cat helped to save Little Red Riding Hood from the Big Bad Wolf.

Powers and Abilities

He had flight, super strength, and invulnerability. Cosmo maintained his powers by ingesting "Cosmic Catnip Capsules."

Public Domain Appearances

  • All Top Comics #1-7
  • Wotalife Comics #5-6, 8-12
  • Cosmo Cat #1-10
  • Zoot Comics #2 (Cover Only)
  • Everybody's Comics (unnumbered)
  • Li'l Pan #7
  • Nuttylife #2
  • Ribtickler #0, 3, 5-9


  • Cosmo's powers are identical to and derived from the same source as Atomic Mouse and Atomic Rabbit, despite being from a different creator.

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