Count Spectrum

Real Name

Count Spectrum

First Appearance

Captain Marvel Jr. #4 (February 19, 1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Carreno

Golden Age Origin

Count Spectrum was a Nazi agent who devised an invisibility device that looked like a lightbulb on a short stick, which could "destroy light." At first, the Count used this device alone to instill fear in his followers, the White Robes. However, after suffering a defeat at the hand of Captain Marvel Jr., he built devices for each of his followers. At first, the White Robes were merely saboteurs, but when they began using the invisibility devices, Count Spectrum decided to refocus his anti-American efforts on assassnating key leaders. His plot was ultimately foiled by Captain Marvel Jr.

Other than his invisibility device, Count Spectrum mostly relied on conventional weapons such as guns and knives. He was ruthless and good at instilling loyalty through fear. He and his White Robes made their base of operations within an ancient looking castle in a remote region.

Golden Age Appearances

Captain Marvel Jr. #4

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