Countess Siroon

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Countess Siroon

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This Magazine is Haunted #12

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Countess Siroon was a supernatural character who appeared in issue twelve of This Magazine is Haunted (Fawcett Comics, 1953). As the owner of the ancient Castle Valord, she was guardian of the doorway to The Beyond and one of Dr. Death's many supernatural vassals. To the casual observer she appeared as an educated and strikingly beautiful woman, but beneath her enchanting facade lies the soul (and appetite) of a bloodthirsty demon. Feared as a vampire by the local population, she frequently lured young men to their doom, torturing her victims for days on end before finally draining their life-forces.

Being one of Dr. Death's most trusted servants, Siroon appears to hold a high position in The Beyond, ruling the kingdom in her master's absence and commanding demons with a word. She is described as 'keeping vigil' for the grim reaper's return, and speaks of him in terms of deep affection (although this may be more out of fear than true loyalty). Little is known of her powers, other than an ability to rejuvenate her youth via the blood of the living. She can, however, travel freely between the Earth and The Beyond, and is one of the few beings capable of opening the portal between the two dimensions.

Public Domain Appearances

  • This Magazine is Haunted #12
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