The Cowboy Kid

Real Name

Bobby Benson

First Appearance

The H-Bar-O Rangers (radio show - October 17, 1932)

Original Publisher

CBS Radio

Created by

Herbert C. Rice


Bobby Benson was a young orphan who inherited the H-Bar-O Ranch (later named the B-Bar-B Cattlespread) in Texas. Though not much more than a child, he took the responsibility of running the ranch himself. His friends included the ranch foreman (and Bobby's legal guardian), Tex Mason, an old handyman named Windy Wales, a Native American named Harka, a young girl named Polly Armstead, a Chinese cook named Wong Lee, and others named Sunny Jim and Diogenes Dodwaddle. He rode on a wild and extremely fast Golden Palamino that he called Amigo. The name Amigo came from the fact that their relationship was based on a loyal friendship rather than conditioning.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bobby was an athletic and fearless youth, skilled in fighting, shooting, riding and roping.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Bobby Benson Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders #1-20
  • Best of the West #1 [A-1 #42]


  • It is unclear exactly when Bobby's adventures took place. Most of the time, he seemed to live in the Old West, but the comic stories made it pretty clear that he and his friends operated in the mid 20th century and lived an anachronistic lifestyle out in the desert. The actors who played the character also made live appearances as Bobby Benson in the 30's and 50's, suggesting that the character might be a contemporary of his fans.
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