"Crash" Barker

Real Name

Mr. Barker

First Appearance

Planet Comics #6 (June, 1940)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Charles Quinlan


"Crash" Barker was America's foremost stunt flyer, test pilot and race car driver. He helped to create The Zoom Sled, a highly manuverable jet craft that could "slide" on air, only cruising at a speed of 1000 miles per hour (it could carry at least three people). His friends included fellow pilot "Wheel" Barrow, a mechanic named Jim and his sweetheart, Betty. His rival was Bart Clay, the spoiled son of the man who owned Clay Airfield, where Barker kept his vehicles. Barker fought spies and air pirates on Earth in contemporary times.


Golden Age Appearances

Planet Comics #6-8


  • The feature called "Crash Parker" in Planet Comics #10-16 re-used art from early Flint Baker stories.
  • In issues 6-8, their was a character named Crash Barker who possessed a zoom sled. The feature Crash Parker replaced it.
  • The feature Dash Darwin in Lucky 7 Comics #1 was an edited re-print of Crash Parker from Planet Comics #10.
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