The Crawling Horrror

Real Name


First Appearance

Beware! #4 (1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Maurice Gutwirth


Doctor Wilbur Hatch, a biochemist, lived in a ramshackle building with another scientist named Titus Grimm. Both men are working on remarkable experiments. Dr. Hatch is growing a mass of protoplasm, started with a bit of heart extracted from a frog. After five years, the mass has the ability to reach out for its food when offered to it by Wilbur.

Grimm's experiment is to create an "electronic brain", which he thinks will dwarf in intelligence other, far larger devices of the time.

Stored in the same area of the house, the brain and protoplasm begin to interact when the two men are not there. The protoplasm grows a consciousness and intelligence. It kills the pet cat in the building.

Grimm concocts a plan to combine the brain with his electronic brain, intending he and Hatch should take over the world. The idea is odious to Hatch, who leaves to purchase a powerful acid to destroy the protoplasm.

Grimm works on his idea to combine the protoplasm and electronic brain. Unbeknownst to Grimm, the brain is already far beyond his control and has already combined with the protoplasm. The protoplasm kills and eats Grimm just before Doctor Hatch returns. Hatch destroys the protoplasm with the acid.

Powers and Abilities

The Crawling Horror can create tentacles to reach and lift objects. It can also consume living matter.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Beware! Terror Tales #4
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