The Creature from Dimension 2-K-31

Real Name


First Appearance

The Thing! #1 (1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Albert Tyler and Bob Forgione


The Creature from dimension 2-K-31 was created by an Erewon scientist named Katu to be the ultimate weapon. However when a physicist named Dr. Riko tried to send an ape to the dimension 2-K-31, the Creature and the gorilla switch places and the Creature lands in the middle of the Korean War. The Creature proceeds to fight both American and North Korean soldiers until being magnetically pulled into a tank. The experimental tank is confiscated by the US military and taken back to the states with the Creature still trapped inside.

The tank arrives in Washington to be disassembled by scientist, but when army officials try to examine the tank the Creature escapes. However thanks to the gravity of a foreign planet in Earth's orbit, an outbreak of large disease spreading fungus swept over the Earth. The media blamed the Creature for the growths and people formed search parties to hunt for the monster. The Creature was also ill from the fungus and sought a cure. After reading the thoughts of a scientist named Dr. Zuda, the Creature transformed into gas and headed into space where for three days it hurled lighting at the planet. It managed to destroy the cause of the fungus, but as it tried to return to Earth the Creature crossed paths with a meteor and became captured by its steel. The meteor crashed into the desert and the people of Earth were free of their blight and forgot all about the Creature's existence.

Powers and Abilities

The Creature's powers include telepathy, energy bolts, mass manipulation, energy/matter mimicry, and shape shifting. It had one weakness though, it could be imprisoned by anything made of steel.

Public Domain Appearances

  • The Thing! #1-2

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