Crime Crusaders Club

Team Roster

Minute-Man, Bulletman, Bulletgirl, and Captain Marvel Jr.

First Appearance

Master Comics #41 (1943)

Original Publisher


Created by

Phil Bard

Golden Age Origin

The Crime Crusaders Club, who consisted of the main characters appearing in Master Comics: Bulletman, Bulletgirl, Minute-Man, and Captain Marvel Jr. would meet in a normal looking suburban house to discuss their adventures and team-up to stop threats too great for one hero.

During one such meeting, Minute-Man explains to the group that his mission to sell war bonds has hit a dead end. He has raised money from every group in society except the underworld. Captain Marvel Jr. suggested that they could go on a treasure hunt to help Minuteman cheer up, but that gives Minute-Man an idea. He would have a treasure hunt for crooks with himself as the prize. For each bond a criminal buys, they would get a shot at Minute-Man with no interference from the police or other heroes until midnight.

The teams helps pass-out flyers and get the word out in the criminal underworld. The interested criminals meet the heroes at a carnival where Bulletman confiscated their weapons and then Minute-Man explained the rules to them. They can each buy back their guns and as much ammo as they want for 100 dollars a piece. The hunt then began, but right off the bat some crooks tried to cheat and use a grenade, but Captain Marvel Jr. confiscated the bomb.

At one point a German spy tried to take Minute-Man back to Berlin with him, but while he was arguing with the American crooks, Minute-Man escaped into a plane.The criminals continued to pursue Minute-Man eventually taking to the skies in airplanes as well, but when they crossed into a different time zone it became midnight ending their chance to shoot Minute-Man with no interference from Crime Crusaders Club. In the end, the heroes not only captured the criminals, but also raised $100000 dollars in bonds for Uncle Sam.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Master Comics #41


  • When re-printed by AC Comics, they replaced Captain Marvel Jr. with Mr. Scarlet to avoid legal issues with DC Comics.

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