The Crimson Canary
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Real Name


First Mentioned

Fat and Slat #1 (Summer 1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ed Wheelan


When Rosalie Brown is submitted for membership in the boys' Little Conquerors Athletic and Reading Club, Wilbur Wiggins raises a fuss over admitting a girl to a boys club but, "Comics" McCormick, in defense of Rosalie, is quick to list off a parade of comic book superheroines such as Super-Dame, Lady Wonder, the Pink Pigeon, and the Crimson Canary.

Rosalie is promptly voted in to the group, to her delight.

Public Domain Mentions

  • Fat and Slat #1


  • The Crimson Canary is a comic book character within the comic book whose adventures are read by "Comics" McCormick.
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