The Crimson Raider

Real Name

Alfred Gory

First Appearance

Black Cat #28 (April, 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lee Elias and Bob Haney


Al Gory was a feared pirate, known as The Crimson Raider, who sailed the seven seas in the 17th century. One day as he came to shore at a crowded dock, he was murdered by a thief. Rejected by both Heaven and Hell, Al Gory was told that if he wanted to redeem himself, he must make sure that his treasure was left to someone worthy. Each time he bequeathed his treasure to someone, the treasure corrupted them and the Crimson Raider was then forced to reclaim every last ducat of his treasure so he could give it to someone else. Each time he failed in his mission, he grew a foot taller. The Crimson raider is now about 80-90 feet tall. His treasure is hidden behind a waterfall, in a cave on the shore of Maine. The only way to get into the cave is to climb a perilous cliff. Once there, you must face the giant Crimson Raider, who is ill tempered and guards his treasure with a proportionally large saber.

During his encounter with Black Cat and Kitten, he was pushed off a cliff, leaving behind only his saber sticking into an imprint in the sand, with his ultimate fate unknown. One ducat of the treasure is now in the hands of Black Cat's sidekick, Black Kitten.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Black Cat #28
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