The Crusader

Real Name


First Appearance

Pep Comics #33 (November, 1942)

Original Publisher


Created by

Bill Woolfolk? Pierce Rice?


The Crusader was actually an American museum curator who secretly worked for the Nazis. He wore a suit of armor, identical to one found in his museum, and claimed to be a legendary knight who had been blessed by the church in the year 942 not to die until he had completed his mission against the Turks. The curator used the Crusader legend to keep his own identity secret as he worked as a Nazi assassin.

The Crusader was a capable rider and fighter, who used a variety of weapons, including a lance, shield, sword, club and battle axe. His armor made him bullet proof and otherwise protected him from injury. He also rode a powerful white stallion named Macedon who would trample people at his command. He was an enemy of Hangman.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Pep Comics #33
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